Mark your calendar for the return of this family friendly fall event! There will be carnival style games and pumpkin carving and costume contests run by local businesses, food vendors and local craft vendors on the mansion grounds, with a creepy doll themed haunted house inside the mansion.

Event Information

Entry to the event is free, and the same goes for the Pumpkin Carving Contest and the Costume Contest. There is a small cost to participate in the games and for the Haunted House (as per below).

Participating in Games

Game Tickets will be $1 each. Most games will be 1-2 ticket each.

Some examples of games that we will have behind the carriage house include:

  • “The Witches Kitchen” – Place your hand into the witch cauldron and get a prize bag.
  • “Werewolf Races’ – Mini toy dogs will race down a track.
  • “Monster Knock Down” Toss the bean bags and knock down the cans.
  • “Football Toss” Three tries at throwing the football through the ring.
  • “Spin the Wheeler Mansion” Spin a wheel, win the prize
  • “Ring Toss” Toss 3 rings onto the witches hat
  • “Frisbee Toss” Toss 3 Frisbees into the net
  • “Jack O Lantern Toss” Toss balls into jack o lanterns
  • “Goldfish Bowl Toss” Toss ping pong balls into Fish Bowls
  • “Disk Drop” Drop the disc down a peg board and win the prize
  • “Wheel of Chocolate” Spin the wheel, win the chocolate.

Haunted House (creepy doll themed)

The Haunted House Tickets are $5 each.

Our plan is to run the haunted house from Oct 28 (the day of the festival), hopefully until the 31st. There will be one night (to be determined) with no scares – suitable for not only little kids but also all ages of kids. The other nights will be more haunted. This will depend on our number of volunteers. If we do not run the haunted house, I will open the mansion up for tours to see the decorations.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Free to enter with prizes for the winners

Upon entering, you will be given a coupon to drop in to vote on your favorite pumpkin after 5pm.

The winners will get to choose their prize when we count tickets the following day. All submissions must be received by 5pm when we will open the pumpkin walk.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Costume Contest

Free to enter with prizes for the winners

There will be different categories for two different age groups. The winners will be chosen for being the scariest and the most creative.

Costume Contest

Event Merchandise

T-shirts for the Orange Pumpkin Festival will be on sale in various colors during the event so make sure to grab one! 

Should there be any left over from the event, they will be placed on sale online so keep an eye out too.

Orange Pumpkin Festival Tshirts
Orange Pumpkin Festival Tshirts

Parking Information

Parking available at the Athol Credit Union parking lot and town municipal lots/designated downtown parking spaces.

Some participating local businesses include: